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When I heard that the theme for this years conference is LEGACY, I just KNEW I had to be apart!  As moms, we are always sacrificing for the greater good of our family and that is so admirable, so commendable, so laudable.  But I just wonder what our children and our childrens-children would look like if we not only left behind a legacy of service to others, but also a legacy of service to ourselves.  

As you reflect on your time at the 2022 Momference, I challenge you to consider how to intentionally show yourself love, intentionally prioritize your needs, intentionally teach your children how to maintain a filled cup. Being Superwoman is cute but as my mentor taught me, without rest, without selfcare, without self-preservation "Superwoman dies young..." 

it is my mission to assist all of you in the remembering that YOU MATTER, TOO. Fill your cup first mommy and let the overflow fill up everyone else's! Selfcare isn't selfish; its essential

with love

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