A Mission of Healing

I am the oldest child of 4 (well technically 7 but thats another story for another day), the oldest grandchild of 13, the over achiever and biggest disappointment to all. Or, at least that what I told myself after I lead a life contrary to everything my parents and grandparents expected of me. I started taking college classes at 16 years old, becoming the youngest NAACP present in the history of my college... Yet, I sit here writing this blog as a 30 year old college drop out.

The pressure has always been on me to make everyone happy... And by everyone, I don't mean me. I suffer from chronic people pleasing syndrome. It has influenced me to make countless decisions that to this day I am ashamed of. Constantly searching and fighting for approval and acceptance, I would do anything within my power to pay the cost to receive it.

About five years ago, after a extremely difficult pregnancy, I finally realized that I no longer knew who I was and what made me happy. So I began my journey to find myself. In finding myself, I realized that I was damaged. From abandonment, daddy issues, mother wounds and oldest child syndrome to surviving sexual and verbal abuse and depression and anxiety diagnosis', theres honestly so much I want and need to heal from.

Along that journey I found many tools, resources and methods to aid me in my healing. Waistbeads happened to be the most transformative for me because it reintroduced me to my femininity, my sensuality and my creativity.

I know that I was created to help heal women. I know that it is through my journey that I will facilitate that. And I also know that as I help women heal, they will help heal their families and thus help heal the world.

I am on a mission of healing!

- Dani

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